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THE MASTER PLAN of Rappahannock Cliffs has been developed by Randall Arendt, an internationally renowned planner, author, and lecturer on conservation neighborhoods. Arendt understands the power of blending thoughtful development and nature, maximizing critical green spaces and vistas.

Arendt’s master plan for Rappahannock Cliffs artfully arranges 45 homesites into the lush landscape of the 250 acre site with 22 riverfront homesites, 15 creekside sites, and eight bluff lots. Approximately 75% of the property will be conserved as woods, marshes, grassland, creeks, and cropland and protected from future development.

The 22 riverfront lots sit on top of the 75' tall cliff and face almost due west for miles-long vistas and spectacular sunsets. The Rappahannock is about ½ mile wide at this point. The land directly across the river consists of Beverly Marsh and Kendale (owned within the same family since chartered by the King of England) and Paynes Island. Most of that waterfront is permanently preserved with conservation easements. Except for some farm buildings, the view remains pretty much the same as when the Rappahannock Indians attacked Captain John Smith some 400 years ago!
Other lots take advantage of the 1½ miles of creek frontage from atop a high bluff. Mature white oaks, red oaks, poplar, hickory, walnut and other hardwoods run from the edge of the bluff down to the creek.
All lots will have access to the community pier, the riverfront parks, the conserved lands, and over three miles of trails.

Randall Arendt: